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Letterpress Printing

Lumino Press specializes in fine, professional quality letterpress printing.

We print wedding invitations, stationery, special announcements, business cards. Also specialized marketing packages, brochures and books.

Letterpress printing has become popular among discerning people in recent years for the creation of printed pieces meant to be felt, noticed and admired as work of a unique, artful distinction.

We operate three different letterpress printing presses: a Heidelberg Windmill for longer runs, a Vandercook UNI cylinder press for limited edition runs, and a classic C&P jobbing platen for short-run cards and envelopes.

At The Lumino Press printing is done primarily from photopolymer relief plates, created from digital files. For certain special projects we also print from handset metal type.

Letterpress is a traditional relief printing method, that was the dominant commercial printing method from its invention by Gutenberg in the 15th century to the middle of the 20th century.  After fading away for some years, it has made a strong comeback. The debossed, tactile aspect of a well-printed letterpress sheet is very appealing and has a unique feel of authenticity and quality.